Ανοιχτή καμπάνια για την οικονομική και πολιτική στήριξη του αγώνα των ανταρτών και ανταρτισσών του YPG/YPJ

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Διεθνή ημέρα αλληλεγγύης στην Κομπανί. Κάλεσμα σε μαζική συμμετοχή στις διαδηλώσεις της 1 Νοέμβρη .




Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê - for Humanity!

Date for the Global Rally: 1 November 2014, 2pm

ISIS launched a major multi-front military campaign against the Kurdish region of Kobanê in northern Syria. This is the third ISIS onslaught on Kobanê since March 2014. As the ISIS was unsuccessful on the two previous occasions, they are attacking with larger forces and want to take Kobanê.
In January this year, the Kurds in western Kurdistan (Rojava) established local administrations in the form of three cantons. One of the three cantons formed is Kobanê. The Turkish border is to the north of Kobanê and all the other sides are surrounded by ISIS-controlled territories. The ISIS has approached the Kobanê borders, using US made heavy weapons. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are threatened by the most brutal genocide in modern history. The people of Kobanê are trying to resist using basic weapons against the most brutal attacks of ISIS terrorists, with only the assistance of People’s Protection Unit in Western-Kurdistan, the YPG and YPJ, but without any international help.
Therefore a Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê - for Humanity is vital.
The so-called international coalition to fight the ISIS, have not helped Kurdish resistance effectively despite witnessing the ongoing genocide committed against Kobanê. They have not fulfilled their real international legal obligations. Some of the countries in the coalition, especially Turkey, are among financial and military supporters of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.
Therefore a Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê - for Humanity is vital.
If the world wants democracy in the Middle East, it should support the Kurdish resistance in Kobanê. Democratic autonomy in Rojava promises a free future for all peoples in Syria. In this regard, the “Rojava Model” - the secular, non-sectarian, democratic position in Rojava is the model which practices unity in diversity.
Act Now
It is high time to give the global players the reason to believe otherwise.
We encourage people all over the world to show their solidarity with Kobanê. Go to the streets and demonstrate.

We urge you to join the Global Rally for Kobanê
Support the Resistance against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!
14, October 2014


Prof Noam CHOMSKY-US; Adolfo Perez ESQUIVEL, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 1980-Argentina; Hugo BLANCO, leader of the CCP (Campesino Confederation of Peru)-Peru; Prof Bill BOWRING, University of London, Birkbeck College -UK; MICHAEL MANSFIELD QC, President of Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers-UK; Dr Felix PADEL, Sussex University-UK; Lord HYLTON, House of Lords, UK; Margaret OWEN O.B.E, human rights lawyer-UK; Nick HILDYARD, policy adviser-UK; Prof Kariane WESTRHEIM, EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC)-Norway; Prof Michael GUNTER, EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC)-US; JP Joost JONGERDEN, Wageningen University, The Netherlands; Estella SCHMID, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign-UK; Dr. David GRAEBER-anthropologist, author, UK; Mark THOMAS, writer/comedian-UK; Peter TATCHELL, Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation-UK; Dr Derek WALL, International Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales-UK; Stephen SMELLIE, UNISON Lanarkshire, Scotland-UK; FABIO AMATO, Foreign Representative of the PRC Party and Secretariat of the European Left-Italy; Moni OVADIA, perfomer/musicians/theatrical author–Italy; Michel ROLAND, President of Médecins du Monde, Belgium; LUDO DE BRABANDER, spokesperson Vrede vzw (Belgian Peace Organisation)- Belgium; WARD KENNES, Mayor of Kasterlee/ MP, Member of the Flemish Parliament-Belgium; Stephen BOUQUIN, Prof of Sociology, Universite d’Evry-Val-d’Essone and Chairman of ROOD-Belgium; Dr. Suresh KHAIRNAR, National Convenor, All India Secular Forum-India; Kishore JAGTAP, President, Phule-Ambedkar Intellectual Forum-India; Amaresh MISRA, Editor-in-Chief, Medhaj News-India; Feroze MITHIBORWALA, National President of Bharat Bachao Andolan (Movement to Save India from Imperialism & Zionism)-India; Dr Radha D’SOUZA, Indian Association of People’s Lawyers – India; Manuel MARTORELL, historian and journalist-Spain; Osvaldo BAYER, historian, writer and anarchist-Argentina; Stella CALLONI, journalist, international analyst and writer-Argentina; Fernando SIGNORINI, Coach of the Argentinian Soccer Team-Argentina; Nora CORTINAS, Human rights activist, co-founder of the Mayo's Square Mothers-Argentina; Rosana ALVARADO, First Vice-President of the National Assembly-Ecuador; Maria Augusta CALLE, President of the Commission on Sovereignty and International Relations of the National Assembly-Ecuador; Virgilio HERNANDEZ, Member of the Board of Directors of the National Legislative Assembly- Ecuador; Pedro DE LA CRUZ, President of the Andean Parliament–Ecuador; Francisco VELASCO, Former Minister of Culture, Member of the Administrative Board of “Alliance Country”-Ecuador; Guillaume LONG, responsible for External Relations of Ecuador Alianza Pais Party-Ecuador; Fernando BOSSI, People's Bolivarian Congress-Argentina; Prof Kamal A.Mitra CHENOY, Centre for Comparative Politic & Political Theory, School of International Studies-India; Achin VANIK , Professor of International Relations and Global Politics from the University of Delhi (retired)-India; Amir M. MAASOUMI, Peace Ambassador-India; Sushovan DHAR, Radical Socialist-India; Jatin DESAI, veteran journalist & General secretary of the "PIFPD" (Pakistan India Forum for Peace & Democracy) – India; Wilfred DACOSTA, Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF), New Delhi- India; Sandhya JAIN, Journalist, New Delhi – India; Asha KACHRU, Writer-India; Dr. Suresh KHAIRNAR, National Convenor, All India Secular Forum-India; Kishore JAGTAP, President, Phule-Ambedkar Intellectual Forum-India; Amaresh MISRA, Editor-in-Chief, Medhaj News-India; Anwar KOMBAI, Documentary Filmmaker, writer & journalist, Chennai, India; Javed ANAND, Muslims for Secular Democracy, Mumbai-India; Rohini HENSMAN, Writer and Independent Scholar, Bombay-India; Jawad MOHAMMED,Lawyer from Chennai-South India; Sukla SEN, EKTA (Committee for Communal Amity), Mumbai-India; Sushovan DHAR, Radical Socialist-India; Jatin DESAI, veteran journalist & General secretary of the "PIFPD" - Pakistan India Forum for Peace & Democracy-India; Raghu JAYANTIYA, Engineering Design Manager-UK; Mukta SRIVASTAV, National Alliance of People's Movements, Mumbai-India; Com. VASUDEVAN, Bluestar Trade Union, Mumbai–India; Com Deepti GOPINATH, Airport Workers Trade Union, Mumbai-India; Akshay KUMAR, Orissa Farmers Struggle, Bhuvaneshwar-India; Prof. Rakesh RAFIQUE, Yuva Kranti, Founder, Moradabad-India; Ravi KOHAR, Convenor, Yuva Kranti (Revolutionary Youth), New Delhi-India; Shelley KASLI, Journalist, Bangalore-India; Salim ALWARE, Indian Muslim Intellectual Forum, Convenor-India; Jyoti BADEKAR, Bharat Bachao Andolan, Mumbai-India; Farouk MAPKAR, Bharat Bachao Andolan, Convenor, Mumbai-India; Yusuf PARMAR, President, Indian Muslim Development Council, Rajkot-India; Arif KAPADIA, Bharat Bachao Andolan, Mumbai-India; Afaque AZAD, Bharat Bachao Andolan, Mumbai –India; Bhupen SINGH, Journalist, New Delhi-India; Shujaat Ali QADRIQ, Convenor, Muslim Students Organization, Lucknow-INDIA; Ashraf Ali ZAIDI, Bharat Bachao Andolan, New Delhi-India; Sanjay SINGHVI, General Secretary, Trade Union Centre of India (TUCI), Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) CPI-ML-India; Luisa MORGANTINI - Former Vice President of EP-Italy; Prof.Maria Immacolata MACIOTI, Association of Sociology in Italy (AIS)-Italy; Prof. Annamaria RIVERA, Anthropologist-Italy; Prof. Giorgio FORTI, Emeritus at the Faculty, University of Milan, and Member of the Lincei National Academy-Italy; Claudio TREVES, General Secretary of the Labor Union Nidil-Cgil-Italy; YA BASTA! 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Kariane Westrheim, Chair
Prof Dr Michael Gunter, Secretary General
EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC)

UK contact: Estella Schmid
Peace in Kurdistan -Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question
Email: Tel: 020 7586 5892

Κάλεσμα για «Παγκόσμιες διαδηλώσεις για το Κομπανί και την ανθρωπότητα.» εξέδωσαν πολιτικές οργανώσεις των Κούρδων, δηλώνοντας ότι η δημοκρατική αυτονομία στην Rojava αποτελεί υπόσχεση ελευθερίας για όλους τους ανθρώπους της Συρίας. Το «Μοντέλο της Rojava» είναι ένα μη αιρετικό κοσμικό μοντέλο που υποστηρίζει τον πλουραλισμό και την ενότητα των λαών. Ο καθένας που θέλει τη δημοκρατία στη χώρα μας και στη Μέση Ανατολή θα πρέπει να στηρίξει την αντίσταση στην πόλη Kobanî. Ένας ανθρωπιστικός διάδρομος θα πρέπει να ανοίξει αμέσως και η θεσμική και πολιτική κατάσταση των καντονιών της Rojava πρέπει να αναγνωριστεί. »,

Είναι η στιγμή να αναλάβουμε δράση.

Τώρα είναι η ώρα για όλους τους λαούς του κόσμου να αποδείξουν ότι ένας άλλος κόσμος υπάρχει πέρα από εκείνον των ιμπεριαλιστικών και καταπιεστικών κρατών, και να το κάνουν  με την υποστήριξη της αντίστασης στην Kobanî,


Rojava: 25 νέοι αγροτικοί συνεταιρισμοί εδραιώνονται στο καντόνι της Cizîre


TIRBESPIYÊ – Το Αγροτικό Ινστιτούτο της Cizire, πρόσφατα ξεκίνησε την εδραίωση αγροτικών συνεταισμών στο καντόνι. Έτσι πρόσφατα έχουν εδραιωθεί 25 συναιτερισμοί , ένας εκ των οποίων ο Star Cooperative, ανήκει αποκλειστικά σε γυναίκες. Το Ινστιτούτο σημειώνει ότι μόνο στην Tirbespiyê τους συνεταιρισμούς πλαισιώνουν 700 άτομα.


Σε συνέντευξή του στο πρακτορείο  ANHA, ο Mesûd Ferhan, ένα εκτελεστικό μέλος του ινστιτούτου, εξήγησε ότι ο οργανισμός στοχεύει να οργανώσει την αγροτική καλλιέργεια σε κοινοτική βάση , ελεύθερη από τις παρελθόντες πολιτικές της Μπααθικής εξουσίας, και συμπληρώνει ότι η δημιουργία αυτών των συνεταιρισμών στοχεύει να θεμελιωθεί η ζωή των ανθρώπων της Rojava στην βάση της κοινοτικής αλληλεγγύης.


Στο πεδίο της μάχης


Οι συγκρούσεις μεταξύ των δυνάμεων των πολιτοφυλάκων των YPG / YPJ  και των συμμοριών του ISIS στην πόλη της Kobanê του Δυτικού Κουρδιστάν, Rojava, εντάθηκαν σήμερα  το βράδυ.

Σύμφωνα με τις αναφορές που έρχονται μέσα από την πολιορκημένη πόλη, συμμορίες του ISIS  έχουν ξεκινήσει ένα νέο κύμα υψηλής έντασης  επιθέσεων στην συνοριακή διέλευση του  Mürşitpınar μεταξύ Kobanê και Pirsus [Suruç] τις βραδινές ώρες.  Το ISIS προσπαθεί με οποιοδήποτε κόστος να κόψει κάθε δρόμο σύνδεσης της πόλης με τον έξω κόσμο και παράλληλα να ανακόψει την στην ουσία περισσότερο συμβολική είσοδο των 150  Ιρακινών Κούρδων Πεσμέργκα που οδεύουν προς την πόλη μεταφέροντας βαρύ οπλισμό. Οι υπερασπιστές της πόλης απαντάνε με λύσσα και έως τώρα με επιτυχία στις επιθέσεις των τζιχαντιστών που εξαπολύουν ρουκέτες, βόμβες και ότι άλλο διαθέτει το αμερικανικής παραγωγής πλούσιο οπλοστάσιό τους.


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Resources on the Rojava revolution in West Kurdistan (Syria)

The heroic defence of Kobane against Isis brought the attention of many of us to the experiment in Democratic Autonomy said to be running in the region and in a North Kurdistan (Turkey).  It’s a controversal topic not least because its ideological roots are in the change in strategy Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the PKK, started to push from his Turkish prison cell.  The PKK had a deserved reputation as a militarist authoritarian Maxist – Leninist outfit even willing to assassinate political rivals on the left.  Could it really be that this organisation has ‘changed its spots’ to the soft quasi social democration anarchism developed by the US writer Murray Bookchin.

Comrades I’ve talked to about this from the Turkish state have had widely differenct perspective.  Some think its simply a cynical exercise to garner western support.  Others insist the changes in ideology have subsubstance but more important that the revolution in Rojave at least is real. And some, perhaps the wiser, take a middle ground and say that trusting the PKK leadership would be foolish but it would be more foolish again to ignore the space that has opened up on the ground.

The Kurdish Anarchist Zaher Baher who has visited Rojava and strongly believes that the revolution is real nevertheless warns “It is very unfortunate that I found many ideologists among the PYD and Tev-Dem members, especially when it came to discussions about Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas. These people are very stuck with Öcalan’s principles, making them refer to his speeches and books in our discussions. They have total faith in him and, to a certain extent, he is sacred. If this is the faith that people have and put in their leader and are scared of him, it is very frightening and the consequences will not be good. For me, nothing should be sacred and everything can be criticized and rejected if they need to be.

In any case my intention here is not to provide anaysis but rather to start to catalogue useful material on the Rojava revolution and what is happening in the rest of Kurdistan. I want to do this by providing paragraph length mini review / summary of each piece where possible.   My view as it is forming is that like the Zapatistas 20 years ago this is not a case of sitting back to wait to see what happens and ‘who is right’ but rather of critically engaging with what does appear to be a very real and significant social experiement despite the issues already outlined.

The pieces can be audio, video, books, online articles or even particularly useful online discussion. If there is something I have missed in this list please add it as a comment below or tweet me at @andrewflood Even better if you can write the mini review for inclusion here as a comment to this piece.

Anarchist Eyewitness to self-management in Kurdish Syria / West Kurdistan
Written a few months before the ISIS assault attracted attention this report from a Kurdish anarchist is a great introduction to the region, what is happening and a critical if very sympatheic examination of the reasons why.

Anarchist Eyewitness to self-management in Kurdish Syria / West Kurdistan by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud

The embedded audio above is a recording of Zaher Baher of the Kurdistan Anarchists Forum speaking at the 2014 London Anarchist Bookfair about the two weeks he spent in Syrian Kurdistan in May 2014, looking at the experiences of self-management in the region, experiments that have become more widely discussed as the result of the defense of Kobane against ISIS. Zaher is also a member of Haringey Solidarity Group

SYRIA: On the Syrian Revolution and the Kurdish Issue
An interview with Syrian-Kurdish activist and journalist Shiar Nayo who while very critical of the PKK/PYD still sees the experiement as worthwhile.  It’s also very useful at providing some context of the relationship with Syria, the Assad regime and the other rebel movements.

Kobane: the struggle of Kurdish women against Islamic State – NECLA ACIK 22 – October 2014
Introduction to a 40 page PDF report from a recent delegation to the region that provides a useful summary if one from a position obviously sympatheic to the PKK influence.  I’ve not yet read the report.

Rojava: Syria’s Unknown war


Vice documentary from September of 2013 when the YPG/J had launched a counteroffensive against ISIS. Includes footage of a 4km section of border where the Turkish army removed barbed wire to facilitate ISIS recruits crossing the border.  Some interesting footage & interviews with militia’s on the front line who are described as consisting of local farmers.


Adam Curtis – Anarchy in Kurdistan
Curtis blogs the meeting of Ocalan & Bookchin and the influeces around them.  Quite a useful quick history of the PKK.

The new PKK: unleashing a social revolution in Kurdistan – By Rafael Taylor On August 17, 2014
Useful explanation of the adoption of Bookchin’s ideas by the PKK under Öcalans direction and a brief sketch of their implementation in Northern Kurdistan (but that may be drawn from the ‘Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan’ interviews rather than confirming them?)

Interview with the Kurdistan Anarchists Forum (KAF) about the situation in Iraq/Kurdistan
This includes some discussion of anarchist influences in the PKK and how seriously they should be taken

The battle of Kobane

The defence of Kobane – anarchist reportage from WSM
When the Turkish anarchist group DAF announced some of its members were heading to Kobane I started to pay much more attention to what what happening.  This included writing quick reports for the WSM Facebook page during the first weeks of the siege that presented a political analysis of the events that were emerging from the resistance.  The link will bring you to a Facebook album that collects those reports as each was intially posted as the caption of an image, now collected into this album.

Tell Us Lies About Kobanê -unpicking the demand for Turkish & western intervention 9th October
The notion that the fall of Kobanê could be prevented by the intervention of the Turkish army is a smokescreen that covers the truth that they are already intervening – on the side of ISIS. The Turkish state’s selective blockade of the border, which allows arms and volunteers to cross for ISIS, but strangles them for the YPG defenders of Kobanê is the decisive intervention that is giving ISIS the upper hand.


Very interesting 20 minute documentary from mainstream Australian TV on the YPJ (Women’s Defence Force) recorded more or less right before the ISIS offensive with their new captured US tanks got underway.


ISIS Jihadism and Imperialism in the post Arab Spring period- an anarchist analysis ( Audio & Video )
Following on from the rapid spread of Isis in Iraq & Syria Paul Bowman presented an update intended to inform on the contemporary politics of Jihadism and its entanglement with regional and global imperialist power plays.


Origins of the hostility and the split between Al Qa’ida and ISIS
Geo-strategically the Al Qa’ida leadership (Azzam, bin Laden, Zawahiri) are products of the Cold War, specifically the Afghan Mujahidin war against the USSR. Rather like their American neo-con previous employers, Al Qa’ida view the end of the Cold War as a victory over the USSR by their own side. The Al Qa’ida perspective is that, having “defeated” one superpower, the global jihad now needs to turn its offensive against the remaining superpower. Al Qa’ida worry that the Zarqawists of ISIS may be restricting the struggle to a parochial Mesopotamian sectarian struggle that could fail to engage Muslim jihadists around the world, outside the MENA region, say in West Africa or Indonesia and the Philippines where the US is a more credible #1 enemy than Iran.

North Kurdistan (Turkey)

Kurdish Communalism
2011 piece by Janet Biehly interviewing Kurdish activist Ercan Ayboga about who the Kurds are, the background of the PKK and the Democratic Autonomy process.

Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan By TATORT Kurdistan, trans Janet Biehl
Book length examiniation of ‘Democratic Autonomy’ in a couple of parts of ‘Turkish’ Kurdistan based around interview by members of a solidarity group who briefly vistited the area in 2011.  Clearly from a PKK sympatheic perspective but alsol a useful source in terms of understanding the idealised structures and methods of ‘Democratic Autonomy’ and the real world problems of implementation.


Roj Women
Kurdish and Turkish women’s rights

Kurdish Question
English language material including many interviews from sources close to PYD, PKK etc

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1 Νοεμβρίου ημέρα παγκόσμιας στήριξης και αλληλεγγύης στον αγώνα του Κουρδικού λαού

Η 1 Νοεμβρίου αποφασίστηκε από τους Κουρδους ημέρα παγκόσμιας στήριξης και αλληλεγγύης στον αγώνα του Κουρδικού λαού ενάντια στους ισλαμοφασιστες στο Κομπανί .Επι του παρόντος γνωρίζουμε ότι θα πραγματοποιηθούν πορείες σε Αθήνα , Θεσσαλονίκη, Λαύριο και Πάτρα