Για την έμπρακτη πολιτική και ηθική στήριξη του αγώνα του Κουρδικού απελευθερωτικού κινήματος

Press release of the campaign: solidarity with Rojava – weapons for the YPG/YPJ!

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Ladies and gentlemen, the fundraising campaign is successfully launched weapons for the YPG/YPJ in Rojava popular defense units. Within a week, 30,000 euros were collected nationwide. Since Monday, 13 October, the postal bank refuses to post receipts to the donation account. So now more than 8,000 euros to the donors were reversed. This is done without justification.

At the same time, the Islamic State (IS) can recruit fighters for their barbaric campaign around the world freely and sell also boarded oil through middlemen in the whole world through various help clubs donations in the millions.

We strongly protest the apparently politically-motivated intervention of Postbank!

We can not intimidate us and have therefore established a new donation account at another bank.

Beneficiary: MD

IBAN: DE98 5005 0201 1243 1674 49


for the new anti-capitalist organisation (NAO), the antifascist revolutionary action Berlin (ARAB) and the perspective Kurdistan Michael Prütz

tel – 0049 / 172 / 916-98-00

Author: Gulai Pole

Born into an impoverished Ukrainian peasant family at Gulai Pole in 1888, i had labored on a farm as a small child for a number of years.

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