Για την έμπρακτη πολιτική και ηθική στήριξη του αγώνα του Κουρδικού απελευθερωτικού κινήματος

The Fight Against ISIS in Syria And Iraq December 2014 by Itai Anghel

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A rare Israeli account inside Syria and Iraq about the fight against ISIS. Itai Anghel and Eddie Gerald spent two weeks on the front line to bring that account:- ISIS prisoners tell their philosophy that led them to beheading, burning, raping and killing everybody who is different from them.
– A journey with the Kurdish guerrilla in Iraq (PKK) and in Syria (YPG and YPJ) who are the only people who dare to confront ISIS on the ground. – The Kurdish women fighters who became the nightmare of ISIS. Apparently, if a woman kills an ISIS fighter he would not get to heaven and wont win the 72 virgins who, according to his belief, are awaiting him the moment he dies as a martyr. – The dismantling of Iraq and Syria as states as we knew them.
A documentary by Itai Anghel

Author: Gulai Pole

Born into an impoverished Ukrainian peasant family at Gulai Pole in 1888, i had labored on a farm as a small child for a number of years.

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