Για την έμπρακτη πολιτική και ηθική στήριξη του αγώνα του Κουρδικού απελευθερωτικού κινήματος

Further information about the fundraising campaign!

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17 October: 32000 euro. The new account is working. Donations will go up.
Please spread the new account on all channels. The goal now are 50000 euros. The campaign is in the long term.

Our new donation account is:

| Beneficiary: MD

| IBAN: DE98 5005 0201 1243 1674 49


other ways of donation at the moment, for those who do not want to transfer is Western Union. This costs, But getting money is fast and unbureaucratic.

TEL: 0049/172/916 98 00



Author: Gulai Pole

Born into an impoverished Ukrainian peasant family at Gulai Pole in 1888, i had labored on a farm as a small child for a number of years.

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